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why this case was ignored (still is ignored) in the court of criminal appeeal? How come that breach of human rights can only happen in the third world countries but in country like Australia 'it cant happen' Why this double standard and who Inter. Court serve when ignoring seruous breach of Law as this particular case? why Judge Spigelman is nor brought infront of your court and why do you discriminate this man? Like everyone else, theres a lot of allegation raised against him? Why dont you give him opportunity for a fair trial with the Judge and the Jury? He should be give a 'fair go' and a chance to clear his name.

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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have seen 'the judgement day' - the REAL court in Sydney on Murdoch channel and like everything else from Murdoch, I did not take it seriously.
        Reality is the lies and corruption, justice is a foreign word.
        Unfairness, court abuse, bullying is what I observed; crucifiction of the victims, followed by calculated financial ruin by the big bullies.
        Whatever happened to helping and protecting the innocent?

      • Al C commented  · 

        Australia and the Law? There's only one Law and you can find it right here
        People are crying out loud for some kind of justice, yet there is no solution

      • Zionar commented  · 

        Not surprised. If you look at the root of Australians, they are the criminals deported by England few centuries back. These criminals multiplied, killed the Aboriginals and established the country named Australia. Over time, many got educated, integrated into the mainstream world due to large migration and eventually became civilized.

        Still, a minority hold the genes of the criminals British deported few centuries back. I would say 90% of Australians are civilized and polite, while remaining are kinda barbarians who live for drinking and abusing others, in the same way how their great grandfathers did at Britain. I would prefer to work at USA, Canada, India, China, Dubai or Singapore, pay tax to their Govt. and help their economies to grow rather than living in a country like Australia where there is no security for life. Asian and Middle East countries have their own problems, but at least the young generation is not arrogant, drug addicts and drunkards.

        If Govt. doesn’t control racism in Australia, soon Australia will be known only for their barbarian young population. Multinational companies would leave Australia to neighboring Asian countries, colleges will be shut down, and the housing bubble burst would cause major damage to their economy.

      • Tvitin commented  · 

        Australia couldn't remove Judge Spigelman. PM Abbott did his best; internal investigation, warnings to Judge Spigelman who turned our ABC channel into American FoxNews. Too decent to be Prime Minister of Australia - Mr Abbott was - publicly removed and Mr Turnbull took over the first office. Looks like we have Mr John Howard again as he is Mr. Turnbull's Mentor. This change cemented Spigelman's position of ABC Chairman.
        Well done!

      • who cares about my name commented  · 

        Yeah, all of you were right. Crazy Bibi finally succeeded. USA's in the war, UK financially supports Jews, Canada as well and poor Australia will rebuild Gaza... The world must be mad

      • Ingra SWEDEN commented  · 

        Since the Jewish establishments in America and poisonous AIPAC & Israel control over American Senate, the world is changing for worse. Abuse of citizens everywhere where Jews are in charge is more common than ever. UK, Canada and it looks like Australia. Jews will chose Prime Ministers, Cabinet, Party. I was stunned to find out that Mitt Romney is A Covert Sayanim Israeli Agent
        and he almost was elected. I'm also aware that Australias former PM Gilland was Israels choice.
        Its easy to 'recognize' Israels party in any country. Example is Australia; country will collapse in the biggest debt, human rights abuse on rise, disadvantaged stripped of essential help.. etc. All of this is very concerning.
        I personally think that the world will pay a huge price for allowing Israel to behave the way they behave - and the Jewish people taking over others countries Governments

      • Night in Paris commented  · 

        The details of this case clarify that the most effective reform would be to return police and prisons to their primary mission of incapacitating violent criminals. However Australian police is clearly powerless. I wouldn't agree with Ms Simunidich and accusation of police being corrupt. Police is not corrupt. Theres no point of bringing criminals in front of the corrupt judge - just to see him released. So why would police do the right thing just to be publicly humiliated?

        Mr Spigelman is violent and repetitive corrupt politician / judge / or whatever he is now. It helps that he is Jewish, he has Murdoch, Israel and every single jew around the world to cover his crime. Like former PM Howard, current Australian PM is helpless in addressing this issue.

        Internal action won't work, as it is clear who's in charge. External influence is the only thing that can save Australia, independent judges from other countries aimed to prosecute offenders - no matter who they are - might help Australian state and federal criminal justice systems get back to their basic duty: protecting innocent people from force and fraud.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Mladic, Karadjich, Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta are facing tough grilling infront of Hague. And this Judge wont just because he is the Jew - makes my blood boil. All of you are sick bastards, nothing else but, old, sick, bastards

      • to afraid to say commented  · 

        Australia is the only highly developed country in the world to deal with immigrants this way.

      • Mar. tt commented  · 

        International Court in Hagues duty is to STOP abuse. If they knew about it and ignore than they are equally involved.

      • serefine commented  · 

        Love our President. When asked about Americas political situation he replied Unlike American Presidents, Jew won't tell me what to do. Love Putin. Just love this man

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Why would Obama help? He is Jew as well

      • east commented  · 

        …I think of Benjamin Freedman talking about the Zionists and how they organized the war. They declared war against the Germans, and they got the French fighting the Germans, the Germans fighting the Russians, and then threw Americans in the mix, so they had all of us Christians fighting each other, and now they are pushing us to fight another large religious population, the Muslims, and you know they tried to equate that with the… They used the Palestinians to do that, and they play the Muslims against us, dont they? That much about what's going on on the global stage. Everywhere where Jews hold the power you can she the pattern
        Well i see the pattern here, Australia's going the same path as America. Government is incompetent to address this, brave ones are outmaneuvered and eventually replaced and the citizens who dare to speak are 'vanished' This isn't about this woman, this is about corrupt Jew, caught in crime on an enormous scale. I do agree with comment on this page, to save judges ass war in Iran, Syria or anywhere else would move attention to 'more serious' thing'.
        Would Israel do that for one Judge? Kill entire families to protect one Jew? Absolutely. Being Senior Judge who knows how much Israel benefit from this man. Now he works in Media. Brainwashing, like in America. If an average intelligent person can work out this, than why the Hague is so helpless?

      • m.lucher commented  · 

        This crime is so enormous and so outrageous that the only thing I am left with is:
        This case was published here on April 20. Year 2011.
        Despite being brought to attention to the highest court in the world, this crime is still unresolved.
        How can you sit there and prosecute criminals and the biggest criminal I have seen on the internet, moved to another job, unpunished Who is in charge of the worlds most powerful court; Netanyahu or .. who? Don't you see what is going on? Entire Europe is concern, everyone except Hague and America

      • mell commented  · 

        I really wanted to know this person, so I tweeted her. Very, very nice person. She didn't deserve this. God knows how many Australians didn't deserve 'justice' received from Australian Courts. I am not sure that what they have is 'the court' I wouldn't put the blame on that particular party 'NSW Party' Former PM Harward is responsible. He was the PM, you can say whatever you want, but PM's are powerful, the most powerful in the country. He is the one who refused investigate and deal with corruption in that particular state. Glad he lost it and is out of politics. I wonder is Harward related to Israel' Netanyahu? The same policies, the same racist attitudes, the same crimes... I wouldn't be surprised if Harward turned to be Jew. Canada, Ireland, Scotland and many more countries has always been against Iraq war. Many of us think that Harward is responsible and he was mastermind in creating fear of Islam. Dangerous man, 1000 and 1000 dead Iraqi children, youth, mothers are on his consciousness. Not surprised too much about his crimes on domestic turf .. Just a thought that this man will squeeze throughout world legal system and never explain his involvement in Iraqi genocide is just not right. Uh huh... I'm of the topic. &:)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        When Evil meet Incompetence = welcome to Australia
        Pedro Siggato
        Mexico City

      • albria commented  · 

        Obviously country that is in shortage of police. Good, hardworking, decent police separate from Australian Government.

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